A pre-purchase examination is recommended for all horses regardless of the intended use or the value of the horse.

The purpose of the examination is not to pass or fail a horse, but to alert the buyer to any pre-existing conditions determined during the examination.  This information ensures that an informed decision can be made by the purchaser.

Ancillary examinations, such as endoscopy, radiography, bloods, ECG or a reproductive examination may also be required.

Prior to conducting a pre-purchase examination we require statements to be completed by both the buyer and the seller/owner (which can be downloaded below, emailed or faxed to you).  It is usual practice for a vet not to carry out a pre-purchase examination on a horse owned by a client.  In the event that this can not be avoided (eg both the buyer and seller are clients of the clinic) the seller needs to complete a waiver of information document which allows the clinic to provide the buyer with the clinical history they have on the horse.

These two statements along with the veterinary report combine together to provide the buyer with a lawful, thorough document that can be used as part of the decision making process in purchasing the horse.

If there are any questions in regards to the pre-purchase examination please do not hesitate to contact us.

To request a pre-purchase examination please contact the clinic by telephone and we can organise this for you.

Click here to download the Buyer's Statement