Calming Medications for your Pet

Fear and stress are responses essential for survival as they prepare the body to react in dangerous situations. Examples of stressful situations that products can help dogs is: settling into a new home, car travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, lifestyle changes (moving house, new puppy, new baby), veterinary visits, nail clipping, post - surgery, boarding or any separation from owners. Cats are very territorial in nature and may experience stress from changes that threaten their territory or how they use their time and space in that territory. For example, overpopulation in urban areas can cause stress and bullying due to territorial issues, multi-cat households where they are forced to develop relationships that are incompatible, boarding in catteries or veterinary hospitals, rehomed feral cats, cats from rescue centres, moving house or unsocialised cats.

  • Feliway sprays & diffusers - When a cat feels safe it releases facial pheromones. These pheromones convey a message of wellbeing, calm and absence of stress. This state can be expressed as behavioural problems such as urine marking and loss of appetite. Feliway can be used to help restore the natural balance and create a state of well being and calm.
  • Adaptil Diffusers - This mimicks the natural comforting pheromone released by a mother dog to reassure her puppies and can help puppies and dogs of all ages.
  • Calmex tablets or liquid - A blend of amino acids, vitamins and a plant extract known to be beneficial in times of stress and anxiety in cats and dogs.

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